Thursday, July 23, 2015

The July Trading Frenzy: IT...BEGIIIIINNNSSSSS!

For a few days back there, I was waiting, kind of impatiently, for the lead up to the trade deadline swap-o-rama that usually happens in July. I mean, by this time last year Jeff Samardzija was already an Athletic for a little less than a month. Something needed to happen soon.

One of the big areas in baseball that my dad and I agreed needed some sort of help was the pitching rotation in Houston. Sure, they have Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh, but other than that they don't have too much. They have, right there, two aces in there. They need more rotational depth. My dad and I thought they'd be going after Johnny Cueto.

The Astros eventually decided to surprise the hell out of me by dealing for Scott Kazmir, a guy that has been pitching beautifully for the last two years, and became a surprise trade deadline asset, yet a definite good idea. Kazmir does not need to be the star of the rotation; he just needs to supplement an ace, and pitch some consistent stuff. He throws strikeouts, definitely; he's gotten 101 on the season, and he can definitely pitch as well as he could back in his prime in 2007, before his 3 or 4 seasons of irrelevance.

I think this is a great move for Houston, and it helps Oakland in the long run.

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