Friday, July 31, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Escobar Edition

I haven't done a straight custom post in a while, and I need to, because there's too many customs piling up in my folder.

Yunel Escobar came to the Nationals in a trade for recent Mint Condition goat Tyler Clippard. Since landing in Washington, he's hit like a pro, covering for oft-injured Anthony Rendon, and bringing even more power to a team loaded with it.

The Nats' only problem lies with the Mets, as they're only a couple games away from eclipsing their lead. Plus, with the additions of Juan Uribe and Carlos Gomez (HA! JUST KIDDING!!), they've packed their team with enough batters to become a threat in the NL, let alone the East.

Escobar is going to need to keep his momentum going if he wants the Nationals to stay strong, and hopefully the rest of the team will follow.

Coming Tonight (?)- The perennial star of a team that simply will not stop.

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