Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Crawford Edition

(This one goes next to the Angel Pagan and the Brian Wilson in my repertoire of scary-smiling Giants.)

Of all the Giants to randomly become awesome this season, Brandon Crawford has made the most significant jump. He's been at SS for four years, without making too big of an impact, until this season, where he's been one of the main offensive providers in San Francisco (other than Buster Posey).

The one thing about this Giants team, which, other than Crawford, has been doing modestly enough, is that they are flirting with the seventh spot in the top 7 most best teams in the NL, including the division leaders, the potential wild cards in each division, and the Cubs because the NL Central just isn't fair. The Giants are at the very edge of that Relevant Seven, and they are in danger of falling off.

The Giants, for the first odd year in a while, are flirting with contention. Whether they do anything in the next two months or not is in all the cards. Do I think they'll make it? Not necessarily. They don't have the same team they had in 2012, or 2014. could happen.

Coming Tonight: The Angels pitcher who's been helping the team stay alive in the AL West

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