Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Sale Edition

When I was in Chicago, on the South Side, for a game, I wanted to get at least some form of merchandise. I knew offhand it wasn't gonna be a cap. So I wanted to get some form of jersey, or at least a t-shirt. I have enough Phils shirts at home that I needed some variety. So, naturally, I scoured the White Sox shop looking for one. When I got one at Wrigley, I was debating over Bryant and Rizzo (I ended up with Rizzo).

With the Sox, there was no debate. It was gonna be Chris Sale. I mean, for one thing, we're both tall, skinny guys. On the other hand, Chris Sale is freaking awesome.

He's had two or three straight seasons of being really good, and coming within a few votes of being the Cy Young winner (last year I thought he had it). He pitches some amazing strikes, and his stuff is just phenomenal. So much fun to watch.

I really hope he sticks with the Sox for a while, so fans have an excuse to go to games. Abreu-mania isn't gonna last forever, and Alexei Ramirez probably doesn't have much longer with the club. So...Sale's gotta stay.

Coming Tonight: That Red Sock I've been promising to post for so long.

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