Friday, July 10, 2015

Three More Stars Are Out

Stars Are Out #3- Blackhawks Legend Patrick Kane

The two of these I premiered a few days ago went off well, so I might as well throw two more on the blog.

Patrick Kane's is a nice one, because the day I went to my Cubs game this year, the Blackhawks had won a Stanley Cup final game, and there was a bunch of cars of Blackhawks PR people (and Mascots) throwing out rally towels. So, there was a lot of Hawks love going around in Chicago when I was there. Obviously it was still there by the time Kane came to Wrigley with the Cup. Fun pose. I like the red-blue combo on this.

Stars Are Out #4- Former White Sock Jose Contreras

Meanwhile, on the other side of Chicago, we have our first former-MLBer on one of these. And yes, former MLB-ers are TOTALLY fair game in this set. Because it's always pretty cool when a team legend gets up there and throws out the first pitch. Even if it's somebody like Jose Contreras, who's known for a few different teams, but made the most impact as a member of that strong White Sox rotations of the mid-2000's. Apparently he's a pretty big deal on the South Side, because he was hyped enough to throw out the first pitch this year.

Also, while we're on the subject of ex-MLB-ers throwing out the first pitch...

Stars Are Out #5- Former Dodgers Rookie Phenom Kasuhisa Ishii
Not a lot of Dodgers fans remember Kasuhisa Ishii, and the ones who do really don't want to. Ishii came to the Dodgers as a HUGE rookie prospect, and...didn't really deliver on any of that hype. Matter of fact, he kind of sucked. But, he was beloved enough for people to (apparently) cheer when he showed up at 'Korean Night' at Dodger Stadium, and delivered the first pitch.

I'm gonna work on some more of these, but I have a John Harbaugh in the can.

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