Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Box Break: 2015 Topps Pro Debut (Part Two)

Last week I posted a third of this box, and I was not at all pleased with the hits, which were...sigh...a manupatch of a mascot, and a manupatch of a minor league pennant.

This third...will probably be better. Here are eight more packs.

 Pack 9
Major Leaguers: 2/8
Hometown Prospects: 1/8
ROYs: 1/8
Cole Tucker I've vaguely heard of. Alex Blanding was apparently good enough to garner a Distinguished Debuts insert.

 Correa, obviously, is smoking up the bigs and made his debut not long after this card was released. Mark Appel's still toiling in the Phillies minors, and hopefully will show up in a big way for Philly soon.

 Pack 10-
Amazing Hair: 1/8
Major Leaguers: 2/8
Hometown Prospects: 1/8

Grant Holmes' hair. That is all.
Austin Hedges is currently one of the many Padres starters hitting below the mendoza line.
 Matt Imhof's another Phillies pitching prospect (notice how we have a ton of those?). Byron Buxton's potentially having a breakout season finally?

 Pack 11-
Major Leaguers: 4/8
Red Sox: 2/8
Indians Heroes: 1/8
 Jesse Winker's getting a lot of airspace in this product. Rodriguez and Owens are Sox pitchers coming off of subpar seasons.

 This guy, who'd show up later in the 2015 season...he's change the Indians team in amazing ways.

 Pack 12-
I did not know any of these guys.

 Pack 13-
Major Leaguers: 3/8
Not a ton going on in this pack, but Naquin would be starting for Cleveland soon, and Tucker was good enough in the minors that he, too, got a Distinguished Debuts insert.

 Pack 14-
Gold Parallels: 1/8
Major Leaguers: 4/8
Still-Technically-Prospects: 3/8

 Urias is still trying to find his control, Joey Gallo's finally having a nice season, and Brandon Nimmo's doing his best in the minors in Cincinnati.

I saw AJ Cole's debut last year, and he's not bad. Peraza will eventually come up, but he's bopped around a bit.

 This Derek Hill parallel is numbered to 99, which is a nice touch.

 Pack 15-
Major Leaguers: 3/8
Cover Boys: 1/8

Two guys that haven't really made an impact yet, though Mondesi's starting this year.

 Alex Jackson was well hyped, but hasn't come up yet. Addison Russell, meanwhile, is already lighting the league on fire in only his third season.

Pack 16-
Major Leaguers: 5/8
Yankees: 1/8

Lower-tier guys. Sean Manaea's struggling in his sophomore year, and Eddie Rosario's trying to get back to where he was in 2015.

 Albert Almora's starting in Chicago, so he did something right. Hunter Renfroe's not doing as well as he did last season. Luis Severino's off to a fantastic start, and that's a great card.

I'll post the last third soon, as there are two hits left, and these ones are marginally better.

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