Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What Can't the Nationals Do Right?

It's weird...with the injury of a huge star like Adam Eaton, any other team would essentially be dead in the water by now.

The Washington Nationals have the best team in baseball right now. That's not a speculation, that's a fact. The entire lineup is hitting like mad. The entire pitching staff is stymying batters. They're winning a ton of games, way out in front of the NL East race, and they have not made a wrong move yet. Even without Adam Eaton, and with Michael Taylor in center, the Nationals are still strong, still merciless, and still an early favorite for the endgame.

This is probably the part of the post where I point out weird stats that prove my point even more. Well, even ADAM LIND, who's been striking out a hell of a lot for the past few seasons, has a +.300 average as a bench player. And even JACOB TURNER, a prospect for Detroit who never really panned out, is pitching pretty well in the 5th starter spot. Even the little pieces are working for the Nats, which is know, in addition to the big pieces, like Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer.

I want this to keep building, keep getting better. The Nationals deserve to win an NLDS for once, and if this isn't the team to do it, the game's flawed.

Coming Tonight: A few years ago he was the rookie everyone had their eyes on. Now? He's alright.

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