Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lowrie Point

Funny that this pops up while the A's are just rounding out a series with my beloved New York Yankees. Funnier still that I post this right after Aaron Judge hits a grand slam off of Andrew Triggs.

Funny, funny, funny stuff.

In all seriousness, we may be witnessing Jed Lowrie's best season ever. Since he came up in Boston he's flirted with consistency, having a few different injury-plagued seasons, then proceeding to ping-pong back and forth between Oakland and Houston for a few years. Now, currently settled in Oakland, he's hitting for average, he's playing swell in the infield, and he's trying to raise the spirits of a team that's just disheveled this year.

The strangest part of this A's team is that, while they're trying to build, only two members of their starting lineup are under 30- Ryon Healy and Khris Davis. Everyone else is in their 30s, and have been in the leagues for a while- people like Lowrie, Trevor Plouffe, Adam Rosales and Rajai Davis are making up this team. Instead of stocking the lineup with rookies and benchmark prospects, the 2017 A's have become a collection of starters who should just be bench players on any other team.

I don't wanna discredit people like Yonder Alonso and Jed Lowrie, who are actually doing well, but this owes to the fact that the youth-movement project that occurred around 2012 has sort have dissolved, and all the young, hip stars they were stockpiling from the farm system have all pretty much left. Until we get a new wave of solid starters, this is what the A's are going to be- they're gonna be the 2006 Pirates. Not necessarily stars, just guys that needed a roster spot.

I do hope things turn around, especially with Sonny Gray on the upswing, but it's not looking good.

Coming Tomorrow- As if there weren't enough hot streaks in Phoenix, a guy that was on top for a good month last year finally proves he has legs.

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