Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Overhyped, Understaffed, Middle of the Road

The Red Sox, going into the season, were expected to run for the top of the division again, and keep the same full-on power that made them great in 2016. This...hasn't exactly happened.

Look, several elements of this Red Sox team can be classified as 'the very best'. Chris Sale's the best pitcher in baseball right now, no doubt. Mookie Betts is headed for at least All Star consideration. Craig Kimbrel's looking at an ASG gig himself. Eduardo Rodriguez and Mitch Moreland are having great comeback seasons, and Andrew Benintendi's a wonderful rookie presence.

With a few exceptions...that's all that's working right now in Boston. So much was riding on Rick Porcello to continue his success, David Price to improve from his 2016, Sandy Leon to continue his breakout, and Pablo Sandoval to turn his huge Spring start into a comeback. None of this has happened. Sale and Rodriguez are holding up the pitching staff alone, basically. The rotation doesn't have any depth either, as they're going through fifth starters like potato chips, frantically searching for one that doesn't give up a ton of runs. They could throw Joe Kelly back in the rotation, but apparently he's so good in the bullpen this year that they don't wanna ruin that mojo.

A lot of weird problems have popped up with this Sox team, enough that's putting them in danger of losing the 3 spot to the Rays, of all teams. If they want to save their season, the Sox need to find the problem, figure out a way to make it through. I am planning on seeing these guys live in Fenway this year, and I don't wanna see a last place team...though, as a Yankees fan, that'd be pretty cathartic.

Coming Tomorrow- For a three-season period he was one of my favorite players. It is 2017, eight seasons since he last played for my team, and he's still undoubtedly a favorite of mine. Also, still owns the best facial hair in baseball.

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