Friday, May 5, 2017

Dodger Blew-It

The injuries...keep...coming!

Andre Ethier, Scott Kazmir, Rich Hill, Logan Forsythe, Joc Pederson...and that's just in the last month or so. That's half of LA's entries in this year's Archives set. And right now, Brandon McCarthy is pretty healthy, playing well, and holding the team down...but I'm very hesitant to say that, because usually when I say something like this about Brandon McCarthy he succumbs to some horrendous injury.

The Dodgers still have some tremendous talent in great form, like Clayton Kershaw, Corey Seager, Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner...but the rest of the team is either doing...alright, slumping, or injured. There's not a ton of middle ground. Good news is that they're not too far behind, and are still in third...but the bad news is it's not 100% certain that they have enough power to catch the Rockies and D-Backs, who are controlling the division.

I'm honestly just happy that Brandon McCarthy's having a nice season, because while he's been a solid pitcher for 10 years, he's never really had a breakout season, other than a brief turn in Arizona and a week or so in the Bronx. Now he's actually measuring up to what the Dodgers signed him for, which is nice. I hope it keeps going.

Coming Tomorrow- The guy who has to play DH instead of David Ortiz.

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