Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Living in Cin

This is Joey Votto's tenth full season as the Reds' first baseman. In that time, he's won an MVP award, hit 231 home runs, led the league in On Base Percentage 5 times, and averaged .312.

But you don't need stats to determine whether or not a player is amazing. You just need to see them in action. This season, Joey Votto, even on a Reds team helped by youth, is one of the stronger, more important members of the squad, no less important than he was 10 seasons ago when he came up. If you have a consistent anchor on your squad, like Joey Votto, or Ryan Zimmerman...and if said anchor can inspire the rest of the team to do well, then the rest might as well watch out.

The beauty of this Reds team is that they're getting a lot done with a little. The infield of Joey Votto-Eugenio Suarez-Scooter Gennett-Zack Cozart is working A TON BETTER than you'd think. Scott Schebler, a guy no one's heard of, has hit 10 home runs. The lineup is doing well, but the rotation, held up by some guys who landed on the DL rather quickly, might be the one thing that stops them from being truly great this year.

The Reds have some promise, and with Joey Votto they have potential. If they fix their pitching staff I'll feel a bit better about them.

Coming Tonight: Now that David Ortiz has retired, is he now the best DH in the major leagues?

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