Saturday, May 20, 2017

Everything Must Margot

Leave it to custom cards to make players from awful teams look absolutely badass.

Manuel Margot landed in San Diego after they traded Craig Kimbrel to the Red Sox. He's a huge bat with some definite skills in keeping pitchers at bay. His main job this season has been to keep patrons of PETCO Park from leaving the park. This is especially difficult, seeing as the Padres are terrible.

This is a rickety team already, as it's basically become the 'Wil Myers, Yangervis Solarte and 28 other guys' show. There's no pitching, the lineup's mostly untested, and the division's stacked with 3 teams that can easily beat the shit out of them. So while Manuel Margot's been doing pretty well, even if he does have a solid rookie season, it'll most likely be a lost cause.

Look, there are a lot of players in San Diego right now that are hitting a ton for power, like Austin Hedges and Ryan Schimpf, but aren't at all hitting for average...or particularly well otherwise. Nobody's really succeeding, and the bulk of the team is pedaling forwards  but going backwards, which isn't a great sight.

There's not a ton of chances for success in San Diego this year. Right now, they're just gonna have to finish the season, clean up the damages, and move on.

Coming Tonight: HE'S doing well??? Rays Edition.

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