Thursday, May 25, 2017

Not Necessarily Angelic

It's gotten to the point in the season where two teams have deviated from the pack and are on top of a division...and honestly, you can just forget about the other three teams.

The AL West is like that this year. The Rangers and Astros are doing things right, and everyone else has a ton of problems. The Angels are still technically winning games, but they're so structurally flawed that I'm not sure if it'll go on for long.

Yes, Mike Trout is still the best player in baseball. We all know that, this is a fact. Nobody else on the Angels is willing to go anywhere near his level of gameplay this season, which is sad. The pitching isn't great, the hitting's lackluster, and they're winning games by the skin of their teeth. Without Mike Trout, I have no idea where they'd be.

Ricky Nolasco was kept around as an opportune rotation leader, but Matt Shoemaker's basically taken that on himself, and Nolasco...hasn't had much to do. Anybody who got anywhere near doing well has gotten injured.

The Angels need to find whatever's keeping them at third and harness it, because it's all they've got left.

Coming Tomorrow- Hard-hitting first baseman for a team that didn't know they needed one until a month before the season started.

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  1. I'm all about winning however you can, but my expectations are not high for them this year. This pitching won't last.