Thursday, May 18, 2017

Auto-Pilot (or, so pathetic that I forgot to put in a title)

Two All-Star starters below the Mendoza line. Two starting pitchers above a 5.00 ERA. Injuries abound, a loss of momentum, and a nice amount of disarray.

...and they're in Second Place.

Let that sink in.

The NL East this year is such a weird division. The Nationals are walking away with the whole thing, to the point where the next highest team, the Mets, are literally nine games behind them. And still, we have to treat them like a second place team, with the whole 'these players are still doing well', and 'maybe they have a shot'...but I don't think they do.

Look, Jay Bruce is actually doing alright. Not, like, as well as his 2016 start, but well enough. Michael Conforto's also off to a pretty nice start, but...thanks to last year, I'm gonna wait a little while longer until I trust him on that. DeGrom's great, but his ERA's inflated. But there's a lot of people who're just doing 'alright', and falling back on promises and such. This could have been a good team, but it's just falling in on itself.

For now, we'll have to see if, you know, they "catch up" or anything.

Coming Tonight: Probably the last person I'd expect to be describing in one of these teasers as the current best pitcher in the AL.

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