Friday, May 19, 2017

Box Break: 2015 Topps Pro Debut (Part Three)

I broke this box about a month ago, and I'm just now getting to post the final part on the blog.  If anything, that just sums up how things go on the blog.
I'll be honest, despite the fact that is is a cool-enough minor league set, this box wasn't great to rip, and the relics were insanely underwhelming. Yes, it's great getting XRCs of great players, but if I were a hit-based collector, I'd be pretty bummed.

Last eight packs, coming up:

 Pack 17-
Only thing I felt like talking about from this one was Manuel Margot, who's doing surprisingly well with the Padres. Everyone else I hadn't heard of when I ripped the box, though I've been told that Michael Kopech is supposedly a big deal in Beantown.

 Pack 18-
Major Leaguers: 2/8
HIT!!!11!!s: 1/8

 Lorenzen's been relegated to the bullpen, but he still is with the Reds, and he still has that weird pufferfish cheek motion when he throws. Orlando Arcia's been slowly building momentum in Milwaukee.

 So,'s my first auto. It's a sticker auto, because Topps hasn't realized that it's not the greatest idea to do sticker autos. Tommy Coyle had a monster season in the Australian leagues in 2014, which warranted a card here. By the product's release, he'd have moved up to AA...where he has stayed, effetely, ever since.

 Pack 19-
MLB: 5/8
HITs!!!: 1/8
Mets: 2/8
 Backup Catcher A-Go-Go. Plawecki and Swihart were both seen as heirs apparent at the backstop. Instead, Christian Vazquez and T.J. Rivera have been taking their spots.

 Noah Syndergaard, seen here with alarmingly short hair, throwing down...and Trea Turner, still one of the best base-runners in baseball, looking odd in green.

 My second hit is of another-perennial minor leaguer with average troubles, Justin Twine of the minors, or as his signature is leading me to believe, Justin Timberlake. Twine is STILL in A ball, though he is still 21, so hopefully something will happen.

 Pack 20-
MLBers: 5/8
Currently Injured: 2/8

 Tim Anderson's having a less-awesome sophomore season, while Archie Bradley's been taking his talents to the bullpen this year.

 Two injured pitchers got me excited- Jon Gray, also somehow with short hair, throwing down, hopefully ready to get back to killing batters when he returns this year. Steven Matz, who needs to prove his 2015 season wasn't a fluke, also is here.

 Pack 21-

 These two haven't done much in the majors yet, but they still got a ton of rookie cards last year, so...yeah.

 Pack 22-
Major Leaguers: 3/8
Guys I Root For: 3/8

 Lindgren and Biddle are guys I've been hearing about for a while in the minors, and hopefully something good will happen when they come up.

 And then there's Greg Bird.
Having been handed a very, very important piece of Greg Bird real estate recently (and that'll be going on the blog rather soon), I have to hope this guy does well, but he's been slumping so far this year.

 Pack 23-
MLBers: 3/8
Insane Yankee Talents: 1/8

 Three of the best hitters in baseball right now- Kyle Schwarber's been having trouble with the strike zone, but he's still a fantastic hitter. Aaron, well, unstoppable right now. And Nomar Mazara's been impressing with a very nice sophomore season.

 Pack 24-
MLBers: 1/8
Philadelphia Prospects: 2/8

 Again, I really dig this insert set, and this one's a hunting-related special uniform...which I guess fits the location?

Annnd these two Phillies farmhands. J.P. Crawford's being farmed as the next Jimmy Rollins, while Alfaro was handed over in the Hamels deal, and is supposed to be a big deal (though he stunk last year in his MLB try).

That was Pro Debut. It's not a great set, but it does its job, I guess.

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