Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wil Power

There was this dude named Adam that was on Survivor more than ten years ago. This isn't a very good way to start a blog post, but screw it, I'm doing it anyway.

He was on a tribe that kept losing challenges, and after a while, he just goes, poignantly, to the camera, "you know, it's uh...it's hard to soar like an eagle, when you're surrounded by turkeys."

That's Wil Myers right now. He's a fantastic baseball player, 5-tool hitter...and he's stuck on the goddamned San Diego Padres. How sad is that?

Wil Myers became the second player in Padres history to hit for the cycle, and he did it while being on a team with no starting pitching, an undertested starting lineup, and a manager that's basically here as an alternative to 'no manager'. There's a ton of negative momentum on this team, especially considering that some of the rookies were getting really good at the end of 2016. Like last year, nobody but Myers and Solarte are hitting (aside from some -.200 hitters)

The funny thing is, they're still ahead of the Giants in the standings. The Giants have more going for them than the Padres, more tested position players, more...more people that actually want to be there. And they still can't as many games as the Padres. That's wild.

I'm hoping that Wil Myers can finish the season without getting injured, because that'd be even more of a blow to the Padres. He's a great player, and he deserves to continue doing great work...and maybe getting off the Padres.

Coming Tonight: The new slugger extraordinaire in New York.

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