Friday, May 5, 2017

Gallo's Humor

Never thought I'd be talking about this guy again after his disastrous 2016 season, but here we are.

Joey Gallo hits for power...when he's not striking out. When he's on, it's glorious, and can lead to some great moments. When he's's painful.

So far in 2017, Joey Gallo's hit 8 home runs, and is raising the spirits of the Arlington fanbase. However, he's doing this on a depleted Rangers squad, one that could have been great, but thanks to a series of well-timed slumps and a bunch of injuries, only Elvis Andrus and Robinson Chirinos have made any offensive progress. Even Gallo's only barely crossing the Mendoza line. This is a dire team, one that's using anything they can get that works.

Plus, already Gallo's leading the league in strikeouts. He's basically becoming Chris Carter again, and the Rangers seriously need to decide if they want to invest in someone who barely hits for average and occasionally hits for extreme power. And they need to decide this before the rest of the team leaves.

Coming Tonight: Dodgers pitcher, though definitely not the one you're thinking.

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