Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rebel, Willson

(Again, a stretch, but puns aren't coming easy this season.)

The Cubs are in first place. This much is absolutely certain. But how much of last year's team is still playing at the same level? Uh...a surprisingly nice amount, actually.

Kris Bryant, Jake Arrieta, Addison Russell, Anthony Rizzo and Albert Almora are expanding on their already-great 2016 seasons, while Jason Heyward has FINALLY gotten his bat back, and is playing beautifully, in addition to be one of the best defensive outfielders in the game. Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks are still throwing well, though it'll take time for their ERAs to deflate. Javier Baez and Ben Zobrist are just gaining momentum now, which is promising.

A few guys, like Kyle Schwarber and John Lackey, are gonna take time before they get back to what they were doing in 2016, but the bottom line is the momentum is there, even is so far the team is showing some signs of humanity.

The only danger this team has is getting too cocky and letting teams like the Brewers and (sigh) Cardinals catch up to them, even if neither of them really have any right to. With the amount of talent on this Cubs team, it's a safe bet that it'll take a ton more effort to get past them.

Coming Tomorrow- Had a great debut game...and that's about it. Now, this Texas prospect is FINALLY getting to the positive momentum his team's been waiting for.

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