Friday, May 12, 2017

Maybin, You're Gonna be the one that saves me...

(If you're gonna title a post with a horrible pun, own up to it.)

The Angels were atrocious last year, they did only a few things to improve the roster, and now they're surprisingly doing well. Huh. Didn't think just getting rid of Jered Weaver would turn the whole team around.

Look, they're not in first yet, and there are some problems still left to be solved, but it's definitely improvement. Mike Trout is definitely still the anchor here, and his hamstring issue is definitely scaring some people, but...right now the third-place numbers are proving there's a least some hope left.

Cameron Maybin, who saved the Braves from obscurity a few years ago, is having a pretty nice season so far. The usual home run crew of Albert Pujols, Kole Calhoun and Yunel Escobar are doing pretty well. The pitching staff is a little worrisome, but Ricky Nolasco is doing the best he can trying to hold up the mostly-injured rotation.

As this has become a pretty lopsided division, I'm not sure if the Angels are going to get better or worse, but it's not looking like they'll make much of an impact other than Trout-related activities. Which is definitely a shame.

Coming Tomorrow- The ubiquitous third-baseman for a surging NL West club.


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    1. Sadly it's the other surging NL West club..

    2. Man, so close, but Lamb is still noteworthy!

      Love reading your stuff!

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