Friday, May 26, 2017

Reynolds Wrapped

I don't think any team in the bigs has become as surprisingly amazing as the Rockies have. Like, I have no idea how everyone on that team was able to suddenly click at the same time (with the exception of poor Trevor Story). I'm just really happy it's happening.

Mark Reynolds hasn't had a season like this in years. Antonio Senzatela and Kyle Freeland have been fantastic. Nolan Arenado's been even more powerful than he's been in the past. Charlie Blackmon's having a career year. Even people you thought were done, like Alexi Amarista, Tony Wolters, Gerardo Parra and GREG HOLLAND have all been on fire so far.

The odd part about this is that they've played more road games than home games, and they have a better road record than they do a home record. So most of this insane HR-bashing is happening OUTSIDE of Coors Field. Which is pretty hard to believe. I kinda thought Coors Field was the deciding factor in Mark Reynolds' decision to spontaneously return to his 2009 self. But apparently not. They're defying convention.

They're still a game ahead of the Diamondbacks, but the D-Backs have won 9 out of their last 10, and this might be a tough little scuffle. I am rooting for the Rockies to stay hot, because there's so damn much going on in this lineup.

Coming Tonight: Five years ago he was everybody's go-to prospect. Now, a year or so into his starting career, he's FINALLY walking the walk.

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