Thursday, May 25, 2017

What Sophomore Slump?

Michael Fulmer won the Rookie of the Year last year, but it doesn't especially feel like it. He's blended into the Tigers' rotation like he's been there for years. This season, he's playing even better than Justin Verlander. I'm going to remind you all that this is his second season, he's only 24, and he's playing like he's been a vet for years.

That's how inexplicable the Tigers are. That Alex Avila's playing better than he has in years. That 32-year-old rookie Jim Adduci had one of the most amazing 13-game runs in years. That JaCoby Jones had one good week of baseball before ending up back in the minors. That this team is in third place in the still-heavily-contested AL's all so weird. It's all unusual. And the Tigers are taking it all in stride.

Michael Fulmer's the only starting pitcher under a 3 ERA. J.D. Martinez is the only member of the starting lineup with an average above .300...and he's played less games than Jim Adduci! Everybody's just having an alright season, hitting like they should. The only problem is that the Indians and Twins are beginning to move ahead of the so-called 'DEADLOCK' from earlier, and the Tigers are just winding up in third...kinda like last year.

It's a tough call, but Michael Fulmer's going to need to encourage everyone else to step up.

Coming Tomorrow- A pioneer in many senses.

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