Friday, May 19, 2017

Will You All Just Calm Down About the Cubs?

To quote Peter Venkman, "you're scaring the straights."

Will you all just...stoppit with the 'THE CUBS ARE IN THIRD PLACE SO THAT MEANS THEY SPONTANEOUSLY SUCK' torture porn that's been going 'round the webs? Frankly, it's getting me worried. I'm starting to believe it.

I understand that it's a news outlet's prime directive to immediately trumpet out 'DOES THIS PERSON/TEAM SUCK NOW?' at the first, slightest sign of decay. Hell, they're probably all gonna do 'ARE THE YANKEES SUCKING AGAIN?' right after this series with Kansas City wraps up. Because God forbid a surging team loses games to a worse-off one. That NEVER happens.

(...that last bit was sarcasm. I just wanted to make sure you all knew that.)

But with the whole 'THE CUBS SUCK NOW' business, which is been popping up ever since they've wound up in third place, behind the Cardinals and Brewers, after a recent's not even close to valid, guys. You can't let a week tell you whether or not a team sucks. The Cubs had a rough week, and they're just now beginning to win again. If they fall under .500, and I mean WELL UNDER .500, like PHILLIES levels of under .500...then, by all means, post those 'the Cubs suck' articles however you want. Just throwing them all out now, as they're rebuilding, gives them even more work, as they have the pressure of the news outlets telling the country how bad they are.

The Cubs are just getting over the hump, thanks to some new elements, like the addition of a surprisingly rejuvenated Eddie Butler as the 5th starter, as well as hard-hitting rookie Ian Happ entering the fold, and the pitching beginning to find footing. They should be fine to catch up to St. Louis (who, again, don't really deserve 1st place), and hopefully this whole mess will sort itself out.

Coming Tonight: Undeniably the best team in baseball, and undeniably the most fun-to-watch team in baseball...featuring their standout outfield bat.

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  1. Cubs suck.

    But I have been saying that over 50 years, so it's less of a 2017 thing and more of I hate them.