Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Here Come the Judge

Awright, I've got a funny story here before I talk about Aaron Judge.

My dad has a name for Aaron Judge, and it's 'Mongo'.

Regardless of the fact that he's playing beautifully this season, my dad still thinks of Judge as this big, strong, dumb guy who saunters around and punches horses. 'He's Mongo', my dad goes. I always try to defend Judge's intelligence, but I can never stop him. Like his random infatuation with Roman Quinn, I can't really explain it. But, as Judge kept playing like a beast this year, the Mongo comparisons continued.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend took a different approach to Aaron Judge.

I'm gonna preface this by saying my girlfriend's not really into baseball, but she's hereditarily a Yankee fan, which is fantastic for me. She went to a game not too far before I did this year, and sat in right field, with, in her words "a very nice view of Aaron Judge's ass."

She also said that she thought Aaron Judge was kind of cute, as he's big, tall and smiley...kind of like her boyfriend. So...that's a compliment. "Hey, Jordan, you look like Yankees superstar Aaron Judge!" "Thanks, Girlfriend! I will take that to my grave!"

Yeah, back to Aaron Judge...

Aaron Judge is playing some amazing baseball so far this season, hitting 10 homers in April, playing some awesome right field, and instilling confidence in the fan base after Gary Sanchez' departure. Judge was written off as a simple hitter last year, but he's proving to be pretty versatile, pretty well rounded, and pretty impressive.

Even better, the whole team's doing pretty well. The pitching staff is tight, the lineup's hitting, injuries aren't affecting the team seriously, and the momentum is definitely there. I don't have many qualms with this Yankee team, and I want them to keep pushing. Judge especially.

Coming Tomorrow- Quick custom of a guy that just landed on the DL, but one I just...desperately need to post. You'll see why tomorrow.

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  1. He was Mongo when he struck out 42 times in 84 at bats. Now I just call him "sir"