Friday, May 19, 2017

The Unstoppable Breakout of...Jason Vargas???

He's been okay at best for a while, he's coming off an injury-plagued 2016, he hasn't been trusted with a rotation spot since 2015...and right now, he's 5-2 with a 2.00 ERA, all the while pitching for one of the worst teams in the MLB. I don't know how Jason Vargas is doing this, but I'm happy it's happening.

Especially considering that the Royals can't count on anyone else on this pitching staff whose name isn't Danny Duffy. Everyone else is either injured or tanking. Jason Hammel's completely fallen apart, Ian Kennedy's on the DL, Nate Karns is middling. It's honestly Vargas and Duffy right now- Danny Duffy had a nice start tonight against the (sigh) Yankees, and Vargas has been keeping things tight in his starts. I can't believe I'd be saying that about Jason Vargas in 2017, but he's been unstoppable so far.

Only problem is that the lineup is VERY stoppable. Half of the lineup his hitting below the Mendoza line. Two years ago they won a World Series, and now none of them can hit. I should make a disclaimer that the people who are hitting, like Salvador Perez, Lorenzo Cain, Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer, are still doing pretty well. Besides, this is the core they've been placing all the laurels on all the time. It's just everyone else, including the youth movement they've been bringing in since 2015, as well as the people they signed to hit this year, like Jorge Soler and Brandon Moss, who aren't doing a damned thing. And it's hard to see.

At least they have Jason Vargas making the news and everything. At least there's something good to talk about in KC this year.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of former World Series champions that have fallen a bit...oh gosh, you don't mean...agh, not again...

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