Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jose, it's kind of hard to see...

The White Sox are beginning to break away from the ubiquitous AL Central deadlock...but instead of breaking off in search of first place, they're...breaking off in search of fourth. Well then.

Look, I'd say something sad, but I kind of saw this coming. Even as they won some April matches and flirted with contention, I did sort of see the full picture. Their DH is batting .100...which is even funnier when you realize it's former Philly can't-miss prospect Cody Asche. Todd Frazier can't stay above the Mendoza line. The pitching is alright, but once you go deeper in you see people like Mike Pelfrey and Dylan Covey who can't find the strike zone.

The underdogs are the ones leading this team. Avisail Garcia is hitting like a maniac. Derek Holland's having his best season since the Rangers were in the World Series. Even Jose Abreu's doing surprisingly well. But, for the most part, the roster's not really making any waves. And that's sad, because about a year ago, this team looked like it was going to be fantastic.

I don't know if they're gonna make their way back to the deadlock or keep going south, but it's not looking good.

Coming Tomorrow- A surging NL Central roster...with only a few stars. Here's a rookie you've possibly heard of.

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