Thursday, May 11, 2017

Brewers Update: How Are They Winning So Much? Edition

The Brewers have one player, Eric Thames, who's playing phenomenally and absolutely dominating the game. They also have 24 guys who are doing alright. Yet right now, it's the strength of the one guy that's keeping them in the race, and pushing them up against the Cardinals for contention.

And I bet that out of their entire roster, you've only heard of two guys. Ryan Braun and Neftali Feliz.

Despite being tied for third, the Brewers are still above .500, and there are a number of unknown players, like Jonathan Villar, Manny Pina, Hernan Perez and Chase Anderson, who are making the team pretty strong so far. It's got to be the weirdest thing- the main complaint in Milwuakee for a while was that the youth movement wasn't compelling enough, but apparently it's working now.

The only thing is that right now, the team is being fueled by two power-hitters, one of which is a known steroid abuser, the other is a guy who's having the best season of his career four years after leaving the big leagues. There might be some strings in the midst of this, and hopefully they're not going to bring the team down. Also, Orlando Arcia is having a decent enough rookie season, but the prospectors are going to get antsy if he's not coming back to 100% of the things he was supposed to do.

They're a problematic team, but they're winning, so at least they have that.

Coming Tonight: The kind of player who can have an amazing season with four different teams in four straight seasons. This year, in Anaheim, he's back to his old tricks.

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