Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Blasterful of 2015 Topps Series 2

Yesterday I broke a blaster of Archives. I didn't have many nice things to say. Today, however, I have a box of Topps 2015, a product which, inserts notwithstanding, I rather enjoy, and am very proud of. so...not as many nasty things today.

My GUARANTEED MOJO...MEDALLION (?) was of Eddie Murray. Not a bad one to get, as there's not a ton of bad pulls from that set, but...I liked these better when they were patches.

Pack 1-
437- Jake Marisnick. I've seen him play. He's not bad.
690- Brett Bochy. Guess it kind of helps if you're dad's the manager when it comes time to be promoted. Also, a bit weird that this is a card numbered lowered than 661. Oooooh, we're in the future! Or...1982.
613- Josh Beckett. Brilliant use of a checklist, serving as a final tribute, and commemorating his awesome no-hitter.
687- ODUBEL HERRERA ROOKIE! Awesome. This is one of the rookies I was scouring this set for, and I pulled it in my first damn pack of it!
635- Scott Feldman.
a Stepping Up insert of David Oritz...which looks like something out of Bunt.
Til it's Over insert of Matt Cain. Only marginally better.
480- Matt Harvey, who, for some reason, still has a Future Star logo above his card. I think all of the blogosphere is done with the 'Future Star' thing.
566- Crush Davis.
430- Jarred Cosart, who is disappointing for Miami.

Pack 2-
643- Oswaldo Arcia, one of the zillion rookies that came up in Minneapolis last year.
461- Mike Moustakas. Man, the photography in this set is pretty nice.
440- Denard Span, who's rocking greying beard tips this year.
592- Martin Maldonado.
645- Neftali Feliz. Are we ever gonna get another good season from this guy?
439- OOOOOOOH. It's a Kenley Jansen, but it's PINK PARALLEL, #'D TO 50. THAT is a nice pull. It's pretty nice that it's a generally good player, too.
First Home Run Insert of Cal Ripken.
365- LJ Hoes.
586- Max Scherzer in a Nats uniform. This is not a PS job, and if it is, it's a damn good one.
524- John Danks.

Pack 3-
431- Brandon McCarthy. Also not a PS job. Topps is definitely picking its photoshop moments.
388- Francisco Liriano. Man, this guy just has great seasons surrounded by shit ones.
451- Clayton Kershaw Cy Young
560- Jerome Williams, who had one of the most pathetic performances in Phillies history the other day. Thanks for reminding me.
500- David Ortiz SHINY-ISH
BO JACKSON 1st Home Run. I love how Bo's getting serious play in current Topps products now.
520- Brayan Pena
369- Aaron Loup
463- Justin Verlander, still one of the best pitchers in the game.
584- Danny Farquhar

Pack 4-
499- Eduardo Nunez
567- Brennan Boesch. Two forgettable ex-Yankees in a row.
648- Cardinals team card.
694- Xavier Scruggs RC. Argh.
573- Ryan Rua RC.
Hot Streak insert of Clayton Kershaw. Again, the inserts this year are just really boring. COME ON, TOPPS!
Highlight of the Year insert of Don Mattingly.
663- Jake Diekman.
681- Zoilo Almonte.
394- Marco Scutaro, who has since retired. Man, this pack sucked.

Pack 5-
596- Bronson Arroyo. Wish he was back on the mound.
423- Javy Guerra. Damn, he's still playing?
421- Joe Kelly. The Sox could actually do a lot with this guy.
541- Homer Bailey
670- Darren O'Day
First Home Run of Nelson Cruz. Okay, this is a little better, as it shows him in an early Rangers uniform, circa 2006. When they get their facts right on this, they're golden.
Sultan of Swat insert. Yay, Babe Ruth. Next.
472- TJ House.
540- Drew Stubbs, basically done being relevant.
688- Angel Pagan, one of the many surging Giants.

Pack 6-
415- Ervin Santana. Has he even played any games for the Twins?
511- Asdrubal Cabrera, back to hitting big.
646- Aramis Ramirez. I still find it very random that he was picked for an All Star team last year. It came out of nowhere.
582- Wei-Yin Chen. NICE JOB! (demotes)
505- Arodys Vizcaino
Heart of the Order insert of Gary Carter. THIS is a much better insert.
First Pitch insert of Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart. Not only do I love this insert set, but this was one of the ones on the checklist that I would have been happy to grab, as a rock and roll fan myself. Not the hugest Grateful Dead fan, but I can respect them.
482- Joaquin Benoit
473- Ryan Raburn.
551- Corey Hart.

Pack 7-
355- Travis Snider.
532- DELLIN BETANCES! Best reliever in the game right now.
496- Astros team card.
631- Chris Iannetta.
401- Chris Coghlan. I think most of the MLB is pretty much done with this guy.
Call Your Shot giveaway thingy.
First Home Run insert of...Greg Maddux. Now...hang on a second. This is an insert set about first home runs. Maddux is a pitcher. DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE???
492- Brandon Barnes.
380- Hector Noesi.
618- Billy Butler. He's not exactly wowing with the A's, but he's hitting.

Pack 8-
627- Jason Grilli, FINALLY back to closing games like a pro.
422- Prince Fielder, FINALLY back to hitting like Prince Fielder.
387- Jacob DeGrom ROY
510- Mike Trout MVP
467- Mat Latos.
Stepping Up insert of Hunter Pence. Still not a great set, but I'm not arguing with pulling a Hunter Pence.
Highlight of the Year of Roberto Clemente.
384- Justin Ruggiano
370- Marcell Ozuna
354- Kyle Hendricks, who's developed a nice following in Chicago.

Pack 9-
479- Carlos Gonzalez, still searching for another big season.
549- Christian Waller RC
617- Terrance Gore RC
441- Phillies TC
470- Mark Trumbo.
489- Jeremy Hellickson GOLD #D to 2015. Man...this would have been a better pull in 2011.
'Til it's Over insert of Ken Griffey Jr.
1st Home Run of HUNTER PENCE
402- Jeurys Familia, the new badass closer for the Mets.
509- Danny Santana

Pack 10-
407- Jed Lowrie. Who knew the best move for him would be getting the hell out of Boston?
603- Jose Fernandez. Dude says he's on his way back.
641- Yorman Rodriguez (Stormin' Yorman?)
519- Archie Bradley RC
Hot Streak of Sandy Koufax
Eclipsing History of Henderson and Brock
Another sultan of swat insert.
445- Christian Vasquez
433- Justin Masterson
426- Trevor Plouffe, hitting pretty well.

Great product, crap inserts. Nice pull with Kenley though.

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