Saturday, June 6, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Cabrera Edition

I still think Miguel Cabrera's one of the best players in baseball right now.

I mean, he had a bit of a down year last year, basically so Mike Trout could catch up, but he's still playing pretty damn well. He's hitting, which isn't a surprise, but, for the most part, he's lifting that team. Victor Martinez and Yoenis Cespedes aren't performing as well as everyone thought, and JD Martinez can only do so much.

The Tigers aren't a total unilateral threat like they were back in 2012, but they're still pretty nice, and are having some very nice performances. Only thing is they're in third. Minnesota and Kansas City are ruling that division, and the Tigers really aren't able to catch up, mainly because they're a bit shorthanded this year. Plus, as much as David Price is doing, he's one of the few people pitching well this season.

Hopefully Cabrera and co. can bring things together, and maybe finish the season on a better footing.

Coming Tomorrow- The one guy I can be certain of on my Phillies.

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