Sunday, June 7, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Hamels Edition

It is an ongoing tradition.

Every year, and I mean every year since about 2012, around this time of year actually, when it looks like the Phillies are a lost cause, the Cole Hamels trade rumors will pop up. And they're always bloodthirsty, and they're always impossible to placate, and they always, ALWAYS, include the Red Sox.

I'm not even exaggerating. The exact same thing happens every season. The silver lining is that it always ends the same way- the trade deadline comes and goes, and then after the month of 'will they get rid of him on a waiver deal', the season ends, and Cole Hamels remains in a Phillies uniform. Ringless, but also safe. This is the way it always ends. This is the way I'd prefer the 2015 season to end as well.

But every single goddamned sportswriter doesn't want anyone to think that will be the case. The list of 'Where Will Cole Hamels Land' articles has become extravagant, and the deadline isn't even in swatting distance yet. They can't wait for the Phillies to COMPLETELY suck to start saying that Cole needs to be traded. I mean, it's rather annoying.

Cole Hamels is the only sure shot on our pitching staff this year. Okay, Aaron Harang has been eerily trustworthy in some cases, but that's about this. Jerome Williams is always on the edge of earned runs, and I honestly don't remember anybody else in the rotation. If they lose Cole, they sink. Of course, they're going to sink anyway, but I'd prefer them to sink slower than they would without Cole.

And plus, if he winds up somewhere like Boston, or Chavez Ravine, or (shudder) St. Louis, it'll break my heart, because he's gonna be a piece of one of those rotations, rather than the core. And also, I'll be sad because Cole Hamels won't be on my team, and the only good pitcher left for 2016 will be a slightly-less-reliable Cliff Lee.

So please...just calm down with the 'Cole's gonna get traded' articles. They're not helping matters at all.

Coming Tomorrow- The pitcher who's been absolutely killing it in Houston.

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