Sunday, June 28, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: MadBum Edition

I saw Madison Bumgarner in his rookie season, playing the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. And the game was against James McDonald, and at that point I knew he was terrible. I didn't need any clobbering by the Giants offense to tell me that. I didn't know too much about Bumgarner, other than the fact that he'd become the fourth man in a rotation featuring two Cy Young winners and a guy who might as well be a Cy Young winner, and the fact that he was a rookie.

He had an impressive start that day, shutting down the Dodgers, even when they brought in Manny Ramirez halfway through. And I thought 'this guy's gonna be pretty nice'.

I didn't know he'd end up overtaking Lincecum as the face of that rotation. Because nowadays, you think 'Giants rotation', and it's the Bumgarner show. Cain and Lincy are just kinda there. He's not having the start he had last season, but people didn't care about the start. No, the reason they all talked about him was his finish, culminating his his amazing postseason. So he doesn't *need* a huge start.

I don't know if the Giants are going to go back to the postseason, but if they do, I know who they'll be using as their main starter.

Coming Tonight: The Tigers plucked him from Cincinnati last year, and he's since had a modest start.

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