Thursday, June 18, 2015

Guess Who Decided to Start Hitting Again?


Nope, you haven't landed in a wormhole and ended up back in 2009. Albert Pujols is leading the league in home runs, with a whopping 19 of them. Of course, this is dwarfed a little bit when you remember that Giancarlo Stanton has 25 in his old league, but let's not steal his thunder.

Pujols has been ITCHING to get back to his mid-2000's numbers ever since his arrival in Anaheim. He's had some great seasons, let's be clear: they're just not as good as his Cardinals stuff. He was hitting home runs, but, for the most part, he was taking a backseat to Mike Trout, and letting him get an MVP back there.

Now? He's killing the ball. He's got a few more weeks until the halfway point, and he's hit about two thirds as much homers as he's hit in a season as an Angel. He could have a year to remember, and a year that Angels fans have been waiting for.

Even better- this guy is a DEFINITE hall of famer. No question about it. He's already a member of the 500 Home Run club, and he'll be passing 2600 hits this season, making 3000 a possibility. So yeah, his Cooperstown ticket is already punched, even at 35. But the fact that he's having a HUGE season like this, even this far into his career--that proves how legitimate Albert's talent is. The guy hasn't used steroids, and he's just flat-out hit.

Here's to a stellar finish from Albert, and a higher MVP vote percentage than the last few years.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of ex-Cardinals, last year he was pitching into the playoffs. Now he's pitching to stay in third.


  1. If he wasn't an Angel... I'd be much, much happier. Unfortunately... he's hit very well against the A's this season.

  2. I still love Albert just as much as I did when he was on the Cardinals! I have been closely keeping an eye on his all season so far I would really love to see him in the ASG