Thursday, June 4, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Hamilton Edition

Not gonna lie. I didn't think I'd be seeing this sight again.

I thought, if we're being candid, that Josh Hamilton's career would simply end in Anaheim. He'd run out his contract and, in essence, run out his career. I knew Anaheim was a bad fit for him the second he signed, because Arlington is out of the spotlight, and Arlington gave Hamilton a lot of strength and willpower. It was only when he went to the Angels that he fell off the wagon. that he's back on the Rangers, I'm overjoyed. He's back where he *needs* to be. He's already sort-of returned to form, back to hitting home runs and doing what he did the last time he was on the Rangers. It's like he was rejuvenated, or maybe he just couldn't perform well on the Angels because there were too many distractions.

It kind of helps that the Rangers do need him, as much as Prince Fielder would like to claim that they're rallying around him. In his last few years as a Ranger, the team eventually rallied around Hamilton as a sort of leader, and now that he's back, that can sort of resume. There's a lot of youth that's entered the roster since he left (and I mean A TON), and Hamilton will just be the mentor, the role model, now that he's back.

I think it's great that he came back, and I hope he hits well, except against the Yankees.

Coming Tomorrow- Christ, this custom's been in my backlogs since late April, since the Mets-a-palooza back then. Now I FINALLY get a chance to post this custom, and thank heavens too, because it's a beaut.

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