Friday, June 5, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Dickey Edition

This one's a beauty. It's been a bit since Mother's Day, but once I saw that photo, I knew it'd be great for a custom.

Ever since the loss of Tim Wakefield, there's not been an abundance of knuckleballers in the MLB. Sure, R.A. Dickey's been phenomenal the last few years, but...that's about it. He's basically the only knuckler around, which is kind of sad. In the 70's, you had people like Phil Niekro and Charlie Hough, in the same league, lasting roughly the same amount of time.

And now, it's just one guy.

Thankfully, said one guy is still pretty damn good. Right now, even if he's not the definite ace of the Blue Jays, he's still a great pitcher, and will give you a ton of great starts per year. Him and Buehrle are the best things that have happened to that rotation since Roy Halladay, and even if Hutchison is slumping a bit, they've been red hot.

I'm hoping another knuckleballer can pop up in the leagues in the next few years. But, until then, I'm fine with just RA.

Coming Tomorrow- Yeah, he took steroids, but he's the only guy in Milwaukee who's hitting right now.

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