Friday, June 19, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Miller Edition

So, the Braves haven't necessarily held onto their astonishing streak to lead off the season. Hell, they don't even have that same catcher from the opening streak, AJ Pierzynski. They're hanging onto a couple of strong bats, Freddie Freeman, and a sack of injured starters.

Shelby Miller is the one guy who's doing his job 100% correctly. The guy's got great numbers, and is playing as well as he did in St. Louis. Plus, with Minor and Beachy and all those guys gone, and Teheran struggling, Shelby Miller is bringing the sort of rotation stability the team desperately needs right now, because Cameron Maybin can only do so much without the proper pitching support.

I don't know if too many Braves are gonna be consequential this season. Maybin and Freeman are rocking the place, and Jace Peterson deserves a closer look, but Shelby Miller is the standout. He's the guy you build a rotation around...or trade at the deadline.

Coming Tonight- He, up until a few nights ago, led the AL in RBI. So...right now he's second, but not by much. Still, this is the season that we were WAITING for with this guy.

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