Monday, June 1, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Cole Edition

The NL Central has been the Cardinals show for basically the whole season, but the Pirates should not be counted out. They've won eight of their last ten games, and Andrew McCutchen has gained his bat back. Even better, Gerrit Cole is finally shaping up to be the ace they promised him to be.

When Cole came up in 2013, he was pretty nice, but 2014 was halted by some injuries and some cold starts. It was a bit sad, because I had him on my fantasy team last year, and I had to hang onto him as all of that crazy stuff went on.

Now he's off to a nice start, with nice ERA and some very nice numbers in the strikeouts area. The guy is obviously pretty talented, and just needed a bit of time to become a sure thing. Now that the Pirates are back in the game, he's arguably even stronger, and his numbers are gonna keep in the same place as they get better.

I'm just happy he's back to playing well, and hopefully he keeps it up.

Coming Tomorrow- His team, Yankees semi-sweep notwithstanding, is not doing so hot. However, this guy is throwing some very nice stuff.

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