Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Turner Edition

After a badly timed power-outage that lasted for 25 hours, I'm finally back and ready to post another custom. happens to be of a guy who had a pretty nice night against the Cubs.

I wasn't expecting too much from Justin Turner this season, as the Dodgers started with Juan Uribe and I didn't think he'd be too much of a problem. Well, now Juan Uribe is in Atlanta, so now you can see how the priorities lie. Besides, Justin Turner is actually hitting pretty damn well about now, and it fueling a team that has NEEDED momentum for a little while now.

I'm hoping the Dodgers can hang on, because if not, then the Giants can take it, and they're not supposed to do that until 2016. Besides, the Dodgers have a lot of talent sifting around, with Pederson, Puig and Gonzalez hot as hell. Maybe Turner can push this team over the edge.

Coming Tomorrow- the big Texas rookie people have been buzzing about for a while now.

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