Thursday, June 4, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Lagares Edition

Probably one of my favorite customs of the year, FYI.

I made this back during Mets-mania, back when they were leading the MLB, and ahead of Washington, and all of that. This was also back when Juan Lagares was still leading some of the charts, and bringing up a lot of 'why the hell isn't this guy a star' conversations.

It was the kind of thing where I made so many Mets in that period, like Daniel Murphy, Noah Syndergaard and all of those guys, that Lagares kept getting pushed back. And now he's the only Met in my backlogs, which is kind of ironic.

I'm still proud of what the Mets have accomplished, because they took a team that was sort of aiming for third place and made them a league-wide threat. People like Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda and Matt Harvey are doing some pretty amazing things this season. I even think that, with a tiny bit more refining, this team could be a perennial playoff threat.

Coming Tonight: People wonder where all the knuckleballers have gone in the MLB. My thought- they're all hiding because this guy's so intimidating.

1 comment:

  1. Love It!Lagares Is solid.He's not going to wow you In any one offensive category but what he does In center more than makes up for that.He's kind of like the second coming of Ozzie Smith,only in Center Field.