Monday, June 15, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Arenado Edition

It's not really a surprise that the Rockies aren't really getting a lot of play when it comes to teams in the NL East. The Dodgers have Joc Pederson to hit home runs and carry Yasiel Puig until he wakes back up again. The Giants have their usual ability to spontaneously be good in random parts of the season. The Padres have James Shields being a superhuman. Hell, even the Diamondbacks, who are, as usual, pretty terrible, have Paul Goldschmidt hitting home runs and capturing the spirit of the youth.

The Rockies...they have DJ LeMahieu and Nolan Arenado. And, as for people who are performing well enough to be talked about, that's about it.

Tulo's slumping. Morneau's injured. The pitching is torrid, mainly because it's so hard to be a successful pitcher in a park that lends itself to a barrage of home runs. Worst of all, the momentum they had last year, fueled by the youth movement springing to life, is dead. Charlie Blackmon's not doing a hell of a lot. Corey Dickerson's on-and-off the DL. Rosario's move to first hasn't gone well. The team is not functioning together, and, as a result, they're currently last in the division.

So, how can they rebound? I mean, I don't think any surplus of talent is going to help the pitching problem. That stadium is a graveyard for talented pitchers. The only way they'd get around that is picking a new location. Morneau, if he doesn't rebound, will be gone soon. The youth, if they don't get back to hitting, need to be dropped. And if Tulo can't be a cohesive leader, he needs to be traded.

Other wise...there's still a lot that needs to be done with this team, and nothing that can be solved within the next few seasons.

Coming Tonight (?)- Orioles are no longer in last, but their third baseman is FINALLY stepping up to be the major star everyone wanted him to be when he came up.

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