Saturday, June 20, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Wong Edition

Some teams this season have ebbed and flowed. Some have started great and slumped. Some have started and third and risen to first.

The Cardinals don't want none of that. They've been first in the division since April, and they don't look like they're gonna let up anytime soon.

To put it in perspective for you all: the Cardinals and the Phillies are facing off this week, which is kind of hysterical, because I guess the Cards needed 3 more wins. But the scary part is that the Cardinals have as many losses as the Phillies have wins. Hell, the Cards have won more games at home this season than the Phils have won PERIOD.

So yeah. There's no freaking contest this series.

I'd like to say that the Cards are gonna win or lose, or what, but honestly, I find it pretty improbable that they've won this much. I'll say it clearly- this is NOT their best squad. When they had Allen Craig, Daniel Descalso and David Freese- that was a versatile team with a lot of talent, where basically everybody was playing well. Now, they have a lot of imbalance. Heyward's not doing as well as people would like, and Matt Adams is hurt. Plus, they're without Wainwright. they're winning this many games is a mystery to me.

So...I guess the only thing you can expect is for them to win...more games. And secretly hope the Cubs stick with it for the Wild Card.

Coming Tonight: Speaking of teams that peaked in 2013, the Red Sox are having a fairly unspectacular year this year. However, they called up a pitcher who's been trying his DAMNEDEST to make sure people at least remember his starts.

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