Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Kendrick Edition

The Dodgers...I love how they don't need to make complete rehauls anymore. All they need to do to refine their well-oiled machine is sign a few players, trade away a few aging players, and keep the same success train going. For instance, they got rid of Juan Uribe a few days ago, because what's the point of playing with two third basemen when the backup's better than the starter? And at the top of the season, they made room for Jimmy Rollins and Howie Kendrick, and got rid of a spare outfielder to accommodate the roomiest, and most impressive, outfield combination in baseball (even without Puig it's still pretty impressive).

And now, they're back to smoking the ball like they were last year. Sure, Kershaw's a little rusty, but Greinke and Mike Bolsinger are pretty impressive (with an emphasis on the former). Plus, they are indeed hitting, and like crazy.

Howie Kendrick is currently on a bit of a streak, having an impressive last few games, and finally coming into his own as a Dodger. The location change wasn't really going to be a problem, since his old team's right down the highway. I wasn't worried about him hitting, because he became an offensive threat in his last few seasons in Anaheim, after being mostly considered a defensive one. Still, the combo of him and Jimmy Rollins at short is one that may have been predicted by people who enjoy playing MLB The Show, because that'd probably be my dream middle infield too, but now that it's actually happening, it's going pretty well.

I hope the Dodgers hang onto their lead, and don't let the Giants sneak into the top spot in an odd year.

Coming Tonight: Boy, Arlington's been a source of a lot of news lately. First Fielder gets hot, then Joey Gallo comes in and hits a homer. But I wanna talk about the guy that almost all of Arlington counted out, because he's back to hitting consistently well for the first time since, well, his last tenure with the team.

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