Monday, June 15, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Machado Edition

Right now there are two unstoppable streaking AL East teams. And I'd rather like it if one of them would simply stoppit.

The Orioles are not that one team. In fact, I'd prefer them to carry on streaking, as long as it keeps them out of last. They're a fun team, and I enjoy seeing them win games, especially on this scale.

The best part of their 2015 surge has to be the rise of Manny Machado, who's played parts of three seasons, but is looking like he's gonna be in for the long run on this one. The guy's hitting beautifully, and playing some great third base. This is the kind of stuff people have been dreaming about since his rookie season, where he chased A-Rod's rookie doubles record and made himself a presence in the AL East.

I want the O's to do some great things in the AL East this maybe win ten more games than the Blue Jays do.

Coming Tomorrow- Probably a White Sox player, as I'm likely gonna talk about my trip to Comiskey.

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