Monday, June 8, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Aoki Edition

Look at those Giants climbing back up the standings. It took a down week for the Dodgers for all of this to happen, and the fact that a lot of the core members of the 2014 squad (that stuck around, Pablo) are playing really well, including the Brandons and Buster Posey.

I think Nori Aoki is doing a lot to help matters as well. He has the uncanny ability to aid any team he joins, be it a middling Brewers team, the surprisingly-triumphant Royals, or, in this case, the defending World Series champions. He does everything one needs to be successful- he hits, he's quick, and he gets high average. Not much else to it.

I'm not sure how legitimate the Giants are in terms of the NL picture. I personally would prefer the Dodgers to win the West, but with what's been going on in the past week, it's becoming more and more of a question if that'll happen. Besides, it's a rarity that a Giants team does well in an odd season. I'd say they'll be in the running for a wild card spot...and I don't know if it'll do them as well as it did the last time.

Coming Tomorrow- The Orioles are currently in last place, but their third baseman is, for the first time in a while, healthy and playing like a champ.

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