Monday, June 8, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Keuchel Edition

Brian Wilson's been out of the league for a year or so, so I can safely conclude that Dallas Keuchel has the best facial hair in baseball.

He's also one of the best pitchers in the AL right now. It helps that he has the momentum of a surging Astros roster to power behind, and it also helps that this is a guy who's been slowly building and building over the last few years. Last year he was really good, and by the last half, he was as strong as some of the other pitchers in the AL.

I'm not sure if his numbers in full are Cy worthy (mainly because Felix Hernandez is killing it again), but I think he's definitely making a case for some kind of praise.

Coming Tonight: The man's been with three teams over the course of his four seasons, and is consistently one of the most unpredictable and durable players in the league.

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