Thursday, June 25, 2015

Custom Card of the Day: Gallo Edition

Alas, the gigantic Rangers boost had to come to an end eventually. I'm not saying it's 100% over, but it looks like the Angels have caught up in the standings to them, and they're both four games behind the Astros. Plus, with Albert Pujols hotter than he's been in years, and the rest of the team following his lead (even Mike Trout), the Angels have more momentum going on than the Rangers. Prince Fielder can hit all he wants, but he's pulling fragments of a team. Beltre's juuust coming back from injury, and Hamilton's a little ways away.

That doesn't mean Joey Gallo can't jump into the bigs and start mashing the ball. I mean, he can. It's not helping all that much, but he can.

Since he's came up, Joey Gallo's had a pretty huge June, and is definitely making a name for himself as one of the main sources of hits in Arlington. Him and Prince are doing most of the work though. The rest of the team is either not great at hitting, slumping, or injured. Elvis Andrus is doing well this season, but his speciality isn't offense. The rookies are nice, but they're not really relied upon for hitting.

I think the Rangers are gonna bob around the middle of the division for a little while. The Angels have more potential than them for success in the long run, Hamels notwithstanding. So, for right now, if Joey Gallo keeps hitting, then it's good for them.

Coming Tonight: The Phillies are currently the worst team in baseball. Here's their shortstop.

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