Saturday, June 13, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Correa Edition

Back in Chicago, I was lucky enough to see Carlos Correa's third game.

I know...not as cool as seeing his first, but still. He just has a way with the bat. He had a couple of nice hits during that game. And if it hadn't been for Jose Abreu and Adam LaRoche hitting a few home runs, Correa and Springer would have led that team to a victory that night.

This is nice, considering how hyped Correa's been ever since being picked 1st overall a few years ago. This is the guy the Astros have been waiting for for years, and now that him and Springer are active and hot, they're in a pretty nice position, especially considering that they're still pretty high in the AL West.

I'm just saying- if this guy stays this good for the next few years, we could be looking at an Astros dynasty.

Coming Tomorrow- Last month it was DJ LeMahieu. Now, another Rockie is heating up the charts, and he's only a position or two over.

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