Sunday, December 22, 2013

A box of 1994 Stadium Club Series 2 (Part 2)

Today, we look at packs 9-16 of my box of 1994 Stadium club. You'll notice that a lot of the cards look like they've been thrown through an industrial shredder. Well, 90's cards often tend to stick together, and not cooperate. These cards aren't cooperating, and some of them are a bit roughed up, like Guillermo Velasquez up there.

FYI- If someone knows a technique for making sure cards don't stick to each other in 90's packs, let me know. I might have gotten another box of a 90's product.

In this pack, PACK 9, the discards were rookie cards of Joe Frazier and Tim Worrell. Yay.

If that left me underwhelmed, here is the amount of mojo I got in the rest of this pack:
  • Kent Mercker silver foil. Okay, I did this just to show the silver parallel, and it is Kent Mercker, but still.
  • Ruben Sierra Quick Start. Back when Ruben Sierra was awesome.
  • JIM ABBOTT. I love Jim Abbott, and I'm ultra-proud that he threw a no-hitter for my team.
  • Mark McGwire, who was a big deal in 1994.
  • John Smoltz, a surefire Hall of Fame pitcher. THAT ALONE is awesome.
  • Trevor Hoffman. The card says rookie debut, but this isn't his rookie card. That distinction would go to his 1993 Topps issue, but still. This is a 2nd year Trevor Hoffman card. I love it.
Pack 10-
You have seen all of these cards before. My reaction was the same as Bill Gullickson's.
A lot of good stuff in this pack. I love the shot of Kevin Young, because it's so 90's. I love the Matt Williams card. Ruben Sierra looks great on his card. I love me some Marlins teal. JAMIE MOYER, back when he was on the Orioles. And, a Barry Bonds insert. I don't love Bonds, but I can appreciate him.
Pack 11-
Trevor Hoffman and Barry Bonds again. Nice of you to rejoin us. The Trevor Hoffman one is in better quality than the one I got two packs ago. Bonds is probably worse.
These players I had heard of. Dave Nilsson and Ray Lankford's cards are pretty nice.
These four made the pack. The first is the silver foil, a Lance Blankenship. The other three are great. Brad Ausmus rookie, which is pretty nice. A Frank Thomas card, which is a bit roughed up, but who cares, it's Frank Thomas.

The Griffey Card is awesome, because it's a Dugout Dirt insert. If you look at the back...
You get an incredibly awesome drawing. Seriously. Bravo to that guy.
Pack 12-
Discards, and a lot of doubles.
I got the other Dugout Dirt card in this pack, and it's of Jack McDowell. Nowhere near as impressive as Ken Griffey Jr., but still.
This card also popped out of Pack 12, and it's a beaut. Chan Ho Park was a really big deal in 1994, and anyone who pulled this card back then must have absolutely flipped. I absolutely love this shot, and think it's one of the best ones in this set. Very impressed.
Pack 13-
A lot came out of this one, so these doubles and crap go first.
These ones had pretty good poses, and good photography, but keep going...
Here are three excellent cards. Steve Finley, who deserved more Hall of Fame votes than he got, David Cone, who was a great pitcher and I'm glad he was a Yankee. And a Ken Griffey Jr. leaders insert. But there are two cards that absolutely trump those three.
Ozzie Smith, two years from retirement, posing for an awesome card. I love Ozzie, and I think he's a great player, but one card was even better than his...
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Manny Ramirez rookie. I mean, Topps had a draft pick card of him in 1992, but this is an actual rookie card. And I am very impressed, especially by the photo. I think Topps knew he was gonna be a big deal.
Pack 14-
Discards, doubles, crap
The highlights here are an awesome Jose Valentin shot, and a card of Craig Biggio. Biggio deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Pack 15-
Our doubles include a silver foil one of Billy Ripken, far away from 'f--k face'
This card included a nice card of Darren Lewis that got really roughed up, a nice card of Brian McRae, nice shots of Pat Borders and Mike Stanley...
Our 2nd Tale of 2 Players, including a player who absolutely deserved his Cooperstown entry, and another who probably will never get one thanks to an influx of surefire inductees coming soon.
Pack 16-
The doubles include a silver of Kevin Appier.
A few moderate stars, including Mike Timlin, and a rookie card of Rondell White.
I love all three of these cards. Here's why.
Geronimo Pena's card is not only an awesome double play card, but it's a multiple exposure card. And I absolutely love those. This is another awesome card I pulled.
Mike Pappas eating makes for an excellent card as well, probably already featured on a number of blogs.
Kevin Mitchell's card is our first FIRST DAY ISSUE card. It's nice, because Kevin Mitchell was really good for a few years.
Tomorrow I'll post the last three packs. I'm going to be doing a lot of posting the last few days of 2013, so bear with me.

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