Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Customs for Christmas: Rays

 The Rays were able to clinch the AL Wild Card in 2013, but you wouldn't know that by the way that the Red Sox kicked their asses afterwards. Like, they were in the postseason one second, and then they were out.

I think this is my first Ben Zobrist custom. I never really got the appeal of the guy. Just another shortstop in the AL East. Jeter doesn't need competition.
 Fernando Rodney's season was nowhere near as good as his 2012 season, but he was an active closer in a division carrying a legend. Who knows if he'll be any good in 2014, but he probably will.
James Loney actually had a pretty nice comeback season. But being that it took place in Tampa, not too many people noticed.

Will get to the Reds a little later on.

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