Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: Diamondbacks

 I'm a day behind on these Year by Years, so I'm making this one snappy. Also, I just got up at 6 just to find out that school was closed. So I just need to write something and make myself feel good about life again.

AJ Pollock had a nice rookie season, despite the fact that his team started off doing really well, and then the Dodgers got good and they were buried for the rest of the season. But he's a great young star, and he's probably gonna be great next year.
This is my first Martin Prado custom. I know. I should have made one with his Braves years, but I didn't. I kept confusing him with Yunel Escobar. But still, he had a decent enough season with Arizona, though nothing pining for his Atlanta years.

Coming Tonight- Some fun members of the Dodgers.

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