Sunday, December 22, 2013

Uncustomed Heroes of Baseball: Phillies

 Another year, another underwhelming season in Philly. Even with a surging Eagles squad, the Phils were a little outdone this year. Chase Utley had a not-so-great season, putting away the surefire HOF talk that hounded him back in 2010. I think he's done having monster seasons, too. Sadly.
 Jimmy Rollins is never one to have absolutely amazing seasons, and it's nice when he wins an MVP every once and a while. This season we were glad to have him back, but he didn't perform to his usual caliber. Thankfully, neither did anyone else.
With Halladay gone indefinitely, this guy is likely to become the hot arm of the Phillies' rotation in 2012. Just watch it happen.

Coming Tomorrow- The Pirates were amazing this season. A few members of that team.

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