Sunday, December 1, 2013

Football Predictions: Week 13

I am writing this the night before, because today (sunday) is a very big day for this blogger, and I'm gonna be out of posting territory for the day. Luckily, I prepared ahead of time, so you're getting these predictions anyway.

Jaguars vs. Browns:
Who should win: Browns. Because, if anything, they need the win. The Browns had a very up-and-down season, and a win here would set the rest of the season up, maybe for a possible wild card run, or simply to stay out of last. Really, this win is easier said than done, as the Jags have won one or two in the past few weeks, but the Browns have some raw materials in waiting.
Who will win: Browns. I'm not saying it 100% will happen, but it can happen. The Browns are a better team than the Jaguars, and they have a better track record, and a better quarterback in Jason Campbell, because screw Gabbert. If they have their A game today, they'll go far.
Overall: Browns over Jags.

Titans vs. Colts:
Who should win: Colts. You can say all you want about how unreliable this team can be, but right now they are ahead of the division by one or two games, and they are likely going to waltz right to the playoffs. Luck definitely has it in him, even if he's been inconsistent as of late. The Titans, while a bit tough, are definitely beatable.
Who will win: Colts. The Titans don't really have enough good players to compete. I mean, Ryan Fitzpatrick has done a nice job taking the place of Jake Locker, but he has his flaws, which may have been the reason why Buffalo let him go. The Colts, while younger, have played the Titans before, and now know how to get around them. This should be an interesting one.
Overall: Colts over Titans.

Bears vs. Vikings:
Okay, let me pretend like this is gonna be close.
Hm. Pretending over.
Who should win: Bears.
Who will win: Bears.
Overall: Bears over Vikings, by a wide margin.

Dolphins vs. Jets:
Man, I feel like I've seen all of these matchups before this season.
Who should win: Jets, because as of right now they're having the better season. Even with a so-so Geno Smith, they're rocking the house.
Who will win: Jets, because the Dolphins are still hurting, and they will continue to hurt. Besides, these are two teams that were thought to be on opposite spectrums at the start of the season, and both shocked. That being said, the outcome probably won't shock.
Overall: Jets over Dolphins.

Cardinals vs. Eagles:
Who should win: Eagles. I say this because we always look like we're going to win.
Who will win: Cardinals. I say this because we never do.
Overall: Cards over Eagles.

Buccaneers vs. Panthers.
This isn't even funny.
Who should win: Panthers
Who will win: Panthers. Come on, gimme something tough.
Overall: Panthers over Bucs.

Patriots vs. Texans:
None of these are very difficult stop it.
Who should win: Patriots
Who will win: Patriots
Overall: Pats over Texans.

You know what? I'm so tired and unfazed by these easy ones that the next few are just gonna be mini-predictions.

Falcons vs. Bills: Falcons win in a squeaker.
Rams vs. 49ers: Niners take it easily.
Broncos vs. Chiefs: I say Chiefs take this one back, as they deserve a win finally.
Bengals vs. Chargers: Bengals easily.
Giants vs. Redskins. I say the Giants take it, which means they might actually have a chance in the standings.
Saints vs. Seahawks. I say the Seahawks take it in some sort of overtime. It'll be very close.

So, those are my (rushed) predictions. Hope some of them are true.

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  1. Your Bears prediction was wrong and I'm bummed. When they don't make the playoffs they can look back at this game.